6 tips before driving a jet ski

Driving a jet ski has become one of the most attractive water sports of the summer. The main thing is not to be afraid. If you are thinking about trying this sport during your holidays, do not forget to follow some small guidelines for your safety, before getting on the jet ski. Here we give you some very useful tips to drive a jet ski.

Steps to follow:

  1. If the weather does not accompany , we advise you to postpone your appointment with the jet ski. Your safety is above all, so if there is too strong surf, better to take the bike another day. Our team of Fun & amp; Quads advise you on the best navigation conditions.
  2. Remember that before you drive a jet ski, you must be very careful. Therefore, you should never forget to put on your life jacket . Its use is mandatory. From we will provide one for you and one for your companion.
  3. Get on the water bike and accelerate smoothly . So you can get control of the vehicle and you can accelerate as you control the bike. Your safety comes first and you must know well how to drive a motorcycle before committing any excess.
  4. Remember that it is safest to go sitting while the sea is calm. Another thing is when there are waves. In that case, the most recommended is that you stand up to handle the water bike better. Thus, the impact of the bike against the waves will be better.
  5. Always keep the safe distance when you drive a jet ski. As we always tell you, your safety comes first.
  6. In a watercraft there is no brake . If you want to brake, you will have to release the accelerator. Our team of monitors will give you a pre-tour course to show you how to use it.

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