Colada Tallada and its history

Since 2000, Fun & Quads began its kayak visits to the carved cove, and since then hundreds of tourists from all over the world have been able to know its history and the waters that rodena, perfect and optimal for the practice of Snorkeling. Every day throughout the year we make routes to this wonderful cave. But what is the Cova carved? Next we explain you

At a very short distance from Les Rotes (Dénia), to the northeast of the Parc Natural del Montgó, is the fascinating and, at the same time, controversial Cova Tallada, at sea level and guarded by the nearby Torre del Gerro. It is a cave that, centuries ago, was used as a quarry of rough stone, which was later used for the construction of different buildings. This spectacular grotto is composed of a natural and an artificial part, that is, excavated (or carved) by man, with different and large rooms up to 40 meters high, as well as with a small lake into which the water of the lake penetrates. Mediterranean Sea. Also, we found up to four piles (or kettles) that store different drips of fresh water, coming from filtrations in the upper strata.

So if you want to know an important part of the history of Denia you just have to contact us. And enjoy a great adventure, with friends, family or alone.