Maintenance of your Jet Ski

Jet skis are used almost exclusively in summer, so when winter comes it is time to keep it away from the water and save it in the best possible way. If you abandon your YAMAHA, SEA DOO, KAWASAKY or HONDA to your luck during the winter period, when you want to start it again with the arrival of summer, it will surely be a really difficult task.

The most important thing when saving it is to eliminate all the water and carry out a good maintenance. The excess water must be removed before the motorcycle is to be transported. It can be easily removed by tilting the bike in a slope where the stern is higher than the bow and the water comes out on its own. In addition, you have to drain the water from the engine, for this you have to start the motorcycle several times out of the water. This can be done in our workshops, so it will not be necessary to acquire knowledge in this area.
Regarding maintenance, it should be kept completely clean and revised. For the first, the specialists of the workshop use abundant fresh water, soap, sponge, … One way to protect it more is waxing it, with any wax specific for vehicles.
Taking advantage of the fact that the bike is clean, you can take advantage of the Jet Center Levante workshop service (965 787 228, 673 276 411) to carry out a review of all the components to see if any of them needs to be replaced or repaired.
It is important to lubricate the bike in the parts that are necessary, as this way we can avoid rusting and not fixing in the same position. It will help us later when we want to move it.
During the season that is stopped, keep it sheltered from inclement weather and covered, with a specific blanket or cover, so that it does not have to be cleaned so thoroughly afterwards. Also, do not forget to periodically start the engine so that it is not used for so long.