The future of nautical electric motors is here

Sailing was the only way to sail the waters without noise or smoke, until now. The electric motors for boats, thanks to the autonomy of the new batteries, are already a reality that will change nautical sports forever.

There is nothing more pleasant than sailing without having to listen to the hum of the engine. Many of the nautical lovers want to listen to the waves against the hull, this is what many of the sea lovers think, besides being ecological, who does not hate that smell of diesel in the middle of the sea.



The electric motors occupy a smaller space, and their maintenance is practically nil. They also have much more power than a diesel. In fact, large cargo ships are already equipped with electric motors.

In the case of jet skis, speed and autonomy is a problem to this day, since it increases the consumption of batteries, this is still the main problem to see jet skis powered by electric motors. Even so, some of the first electical models are already being seen at sea and we hope that soon Yamaha will have theirs ready. The future of electric bikes knocks at our door.